New Rules Could Allow Micro-Suites in Coquitlam

The City of Coquitlam is considering new rules to allow construction of smaller studio apartments, which it feels will make Coquitlam’s real estate market more accessible for first-time buyers.

While “micro-suites” are already permitted in Coquitlam, the proposed rules would create clearer regulations, including setting a minimum size and also limiting the number of such apartments in a development to 30% of the total.

This move is part of the City of Coquitlam’s ongoing housing affordability strategy, which was launched in 2015. Also as part of the strategy, the city wants to encourage an increase in “lock-off” units — small, separate units within a larger condo or townhome that have their own entrances and amenities, similar to the secondary suites in many detached houses.

“A lot of communities are putting them in townhouses,” said Councilor Teri Towner, as reported by Tri-City News. “I see it as a really creative way to address affordability issues — as long as there is a parking spot.”

Image: Greg Salter / Wikimedia Commons